We are disappointed to communicate that carGO will cease operations at 6:00pm, central, Sunday, February 28th.

Some of you have been a part of carGO since it launched over 5 years ago and know its full history as a tech company launched from Cape Girardeau before many here knew what rideshare or on-demand food delivery even was. Many different people contributed to carGO providing local opportunities - to restaurants and businesses, to drivers and customers, to the community, and to the employees and people who make it all work. A lot has changed in the industry since those early days, especially in the last year.

Work started on carGO in 2015 when a small group of people from our community wanted to demonstrate a few things: we can build emerging software technology and businesses here in Southeast Missouri, we can create job opportunities for talented people in the tech industry, and we can provide individuals and businesses increased access to technology services. carGO demonstrated those things. And while an increasing number of local tech companies continue to demonstrate those things; building, growing, and sustaining a profitable business in a hyper-competitive on-demand transportation industry has proven to be too costly.

As carGO began its efforts to expand its service offerings and into larger markets to support its business model and growth, it faced unprecedented competition from big tech companies who were internationally funded and losing billions of dollars a year, and then COVID-19. Unfortunately, the costs to continue funding growth and the search for a sustainable business model became insurmountable.

carGO’s investment leaders announced in early December, 2020 that it planned to close the business by the end of the year. At that time, the group at Codefi who had not been involved in carGO for over a year, jumped back in with hopes to reinvigorate carGO to its early days from 2016-2018 when it had a local, small-market focus. We worked 15 hours a day, seven days a week the last two months to assess the current challenges and trying to find a sustainable business model with just a local focus. Despite considerable investment of additional capital and our heartfelt desire to “make it work” just local, we realized the business in its current condition would require more time, money, and resources than we could possibly provide.

Restaurants and drivers will be paid for all transactions that are completed.

This is obviously not the outcome we were working towards. What’s most discouraging to us is that we won’t be able to continue supporting the tens of thousands of local customers and hundreds of organizations and drivers that have benefitted from the existence of carGO. To those who believe in the mission and support us, thank you. To those who chose carGO over our competitors, thank you. We sincerely wish the best to you moving forward.

Thank You to All of Our Participating Restaurants

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