Ensuring Driver and Rider Safety

Safety, security, and efficiency are our top priorities. While we strive to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, we remind all our community members that nothing is more important than the safe and timely arrival of all our carGO riders to their destination. From background checks to our $1M liability insurance, our safety standards cover a number of bases. Our safety measures include:

Every driver is screened before they’re permitted to drive using our platform, starting with professional third-party background and DMV checks.

The criminal background check is performed by a third-party public record search engine that searches through hundreds of millions of National, State, and Local criminal records to provide the most complete information possible. Among other things, carGO disqualifies driver applicants for violent crime, felony, sexual offense, or drug-related convictions that appear on a background check.

We require all vehicles delivering carGO rides to have a current Missouri Vehicle Safety Inspection certificate. We also personally inspect and screen cars with our 15-point inspection. We require cars to be no more than 12 years old before hitting the road.

Our insurance plan provides drivers with additional coverages, from the moment they tap into “On Duty” mode until their last rider of the day is dropped off. Our $1M liability and uninsured/underinsured policies will apply as primary to a driver’s personal automobile insurance policy when matched with a rider.

carGO maintains a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for carGO drivers. To report suspicions of use by a carGO driver, email us or call (314) 325-4778.

You’ve got the power. Riders and drivers rate each other after every ride. carGO takes all user ratings and driver feedback very seriously. Riders and drivers can be deactivated for routinely low ratings.

It’s not enough for carGO to just screen background and validate documents, we want to meet our drivers to ensure they join us in a commitment to high-quality customer service. All carGO drivers are required to complete our exclusive Driver Day orientation and training, which includes personal interviews with each driver candidate.

carGO drivers also complete safety and security awareness training with local off-duty police officers, to help protect themselves and riders from unwanted security or safety risks.

Most ridesharing apps connect drivers and riders based only on proximity. carGO gives riders the option to favorite drivers they personally know or trust, or from previous positive riding experiences. This innovative feature allows riders to select the drivers they want or to be matched with the nearest carGO driver, whichever method is most comfortable.

To keep our entire community comfortable, carGO has a strict "No Weapons" policy. If any driver or rider possesses a weapon in a carGO vehicle, regardless of whether possession is legal where they are, they may be removed from the platform.

We are not taking a position on this issue; we are taking a community perspective — it’s hard to know what someone else is or isn't comfortable with. carGO reserves judgment on what constitutes a weapon.

If you witnessed possession of a weapon in a carGO vehicle, please contact us.

Unaccompanied minors are prohibited from traveling in a carGO vehicle. A rider must be 18 to sign up and use a carGO account. If a driver believes a rider might be underage, the driver may ask the rider to confirm their age. The driver may also let a rider know that the driver will have to cancel the ride if the rider is indeed under 18. In addition, drivers can report requests to transport unaccompanied minors by contacting carGO support.