General Policies

Discrimination against riders or drivers based on race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Any breech of this policy may result in deactivation of your account and termination of your use of the carGO application.

Service Animals

Riders with service animals will be reasonably accommodated by drivers. A rider with a service animal should text message or call the driver once the rider's request for a ride is accepted and inform the driver of the rider’s service animal.

Drivers are permitted to have such driver's service animal with them when providing services. Drivers should be aware that doing so may limit the number of riders the driver's car may carry. Additionally, a rider may be uncomfortable or allergic to the driver's service animal, and if that's the case, the rider may cancel the requested service without penalty. Drivers with service animals should text message or call a rider before pick-up and inform the rider of the service animal.


Drivers have the discretion to allow a rider to bring a non-service animal in driver's vehicle. A rider with a non-service animal should text message or call the driver once the rider’s request for service is accepted and inform the driver of the rider’s non-service animal.

Drivers are not allowed to have non-service animals in the driver's vehicle while providing services.


Riders that use wheelchairs will be reasonably accommodated by drivers. If the rider's wheelchair cannot be accommodated by a driver's vehicle, the driver will cancel the service and arrange for carGO to contact the rider and arrange alternative services, if available.

Drivers will provide riders with reasonable assistance, if requested by the rider. However, drivers will not lift or carry the rider into or out of driver's vehicle.

carGO does not permit smoking inside any vehicle used to provide ridesharing services. If a rider reports that a driver's vehicle smells like smoke, carGO may deactivate the driver's account and terminate the driver's use of the carGO application. If a rider attempts to smoke in a driver's vehicle, carGO may deactivate the rider's account and terminate the rider's use of the carGO Application.

carGO drivers shall not use any drug and alcohol while performing ridesharing services. Nor shall a driver use any substance that may alter or impair a driver's ability to perform services for a period of at least 24-hours prior to each time a driver agrees to be available to provide services.

Riders are not allowed to use any drug and alcohol while the services are being performed - in other words, during the ride.

Our goal at carGO is to help connect local individuals in micropolitan areas to provide reliable, convenient, and cost-effective transportation. People living in these smaller towns have the same desire as people in large cities to enjoy the convenience provided by mobile technology and a crowd with resources, like people who share their vehicles. This is only possible when riders trust drivers, and vice versa. So carGO has comprehensive operating policies and procedures that establishes expectations for riders and drivers. Individuals who break one of these policies may lose temporary or permanent access to carGO.

Reducing a carGO driver’s ability to earn income is a serious matter. That’s why we publish a policy that explains the circumstances that may lead to driver deactivation and how driver’s can appeal these decisions. carGO reserves the right to deactivate a driver for any cause it deems appropriate, but following are sufficient cause for deactivation: service quality, fraud, safety, and discrimination.

Service Quality

carGO riders expect drivers that provide safe, courteous, high-quality customer service. Successful carGO drivers will go above and beyond to provide rider satisfaction because they know it equates to opportunities for drivers to generate more income. The result of courteous professional service will be more favorites, more repeat rides, and more tips.

carGO measures driver quality several ways with the most important being rider ratings, acceptance rates, and cancellation rates.

  1. Ratings. At the completion of every ride, riders and drivers rate each other on a 5-star scale, 5 being the best, and give feedback about the ride. This community-based system helps establish shared accountability and provides fair, quantitative measures of quality.
    1. Based on industry standards, carGO drivers with an average rating below 4.5, may be deactivated. Significant portions of drivers on the industry’s largest platforms achieve average ratings of 4.8 and higher. We’re confident that despite the occasional ride that just doesn’t go well, carGO riders can achieve this same level of service.
    2. If a carGO driver slips near or below 4.5 we will alert you, and you will also receive information about quality improvement techniques and the opportunity to spend time with highly rated carGO drivers.
    3. If the problem persists, your driver account will be deactivated until which time you can provide evidence of the steps taken to improve quality of service.
  2. Cancellations. When a carGO driver accepts a ride request and then cancels, it creates a very negative experience for riders and reflects poorly on other drivers. We understand there are unpreventable and warranted situations when cancelling is necessary, but it is critical to the convenience of the system to minimize such occurrences.
    1. The cancellation rate is calculated by dividing the number of rides you cancelled from the number of rides you accepted. Based on industry standards, high-quality drivers cancel less than 5% of their rides. Keep in mind, carGO riders will not expect any cancellations and will reward drivers who don’t cancel rides.
    2. carGO drivers whose cancellation rates exceed the average for all drivers will be alerted. If the excessive cancellation rate continues, the driver account may be deactivated.
  3. Request Acceptance. Drivers have every incentive to accept ride requests - that’s how they generate revenue. And high acceptance rates across the carGO platform are essential, that’s why we provide rewards to drivers with the best acceptance rates.
    1. If you aren’t going to be able to accept rides for a period of time, we highly encourage you to go “Off Duty”. It’s nearly instantaneous to go back “On Duty” when you are ready to drive again and you won’t receive requests you end up denying.
    2. If you are consistently not accepting ride requests, we will notify you that your account may be deactivated.

Fraudulent behavior reduces opportunities for honest carGO drivers and riders, and undermines the trust on which carGO is built. That’s why we will constantly monitor for individuals trying to game our systems. Drivers or riders associated with fraud of any kind will be permanently deactivate and prohibited from future use of carGO.


carGO takes considerable measures to keep riders and drivers safe including our extensive driver screening and training program, use of real-time GPS tracking systems, and a dedicated response hotline. Any actions that threaten the safety of riders or drivers will be researched and may lead to temporary or permanent deactivation. These actions include:

  1. lack of shared respect, accountability, and common courtesy to everyone in the vehicle;
  2. violation of carGO’s zero tolerance policy on drug and alcohol use by drivers;
  3. engaging in any illegal activity while using the carGO app;
  4. complaints of poor or unsafe or distracted driving while using the carGO app;
  5. violating carGO’s weapons ban;
  6. providing carGO inaccurate personal information, allowing someone else to use her or his account, or using an unapproved vehicle;
  7. failing to update required documentation;
  8. and violating any of carGO’s anti-discrimination policies.
Getting Reactivated

If your carGO driver account has been deactivated for quality reasons, you may have the opportunity to get back on the road if you take steps to improve. carGO’s local team will work with drivers to explore options as we want everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of the carGO community.