Getting Help and Managing Driver Profile

Updating Driver Profile Information

Maintaining accurate information about you and your car is essential to your success as a carGO driver. We work with you through every step of the application and screening process to ensure the information you provide is accurate and complete. After you are approved and begin driving, you are required to update any information that changes, including all required documents. All updates can be made quickly and conveniently within the driver app.


Having the most up-to-date version of the app is important to make sure you have the latest bug fixes and new features. Make sure to get the latest update with each new release.

Simply go to your local app store and search for carGO Driver and install:

We want your experience of driving with carGO to be as successful as possible, and making sure the app runs smoothly on your phone is key. We will work with you during Driver Days orientation and training to set up your phones. In the meantime or if you need a reminder, here is information you should consider on operating system (OS) requirements to support the latest features, phone settings, app updates, and our recommendations for the best phones and phone carriers to use with carGO.

Phone Operating System version requirements

iOS 9 and Android 6 or better are necessary for smooth operation of the carGO app. Although earlier versions may be supported, they may not provide the best user experience.

Phone settings


  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is on, location services are enabled, and alerts are on.
  2. Set Wi-Fi "ON" and Ask to Join Networks "ON"
  3. Under Notifications, scroll down to find carGO and set your Alert Style to "Alerts" and turn all sliders to "ON." This will ensure you're notified of all requests.
  4. Under Privacy, select Location Services and scroll to make sure CarGO is set to "ON."


  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is on, and location settings are enabled.
  2. Simply pull the top bar down on the home screen, and tap the Wi-Fi and Location icons to turn them on.
Upgrading to new versions of the carGO app

Be sure to update the carGO app whenever there's a new release. This will guarantee you always have access to the latest features and bug fixes. Also be sure to update to the latest version of your phone's operating system (OS) and the Facebook App if you log in with Facebook.

The best phones and carriers to use with carGO

CarGO runs on Android and iPhone devices. We suggest doing your own research before purchasing a phone since some phones work better than others with ridesharing apps.

Network coverage and performance also plays a big part in ensuring a good experience. Be sure to check the coverage areas for each carrier to determine which network will perform best in your location.

As a carGO driver, you need routes and your riders need to know where you’re located. When you're in “On Duty” mode, the app regularly sends location information to carGO’s servers. This is how we’re able to measure both distance and time driven, calculate ride cost and driver earnings, and show riders where you are in the app.

To track rides accurately, we’ll need accurate location updates from your phone's GPS while you're driving. Here’s how to make that happen.

Location Tracking Tips

Regardless of your device’s manufacturer, there are things you can do to combat poor location tracking. Use the following tips to improve GPS accuracy:

  1. Keep your phone plugged in while driving - even when it’s fully charged. Smartphones attempt to conserve battery when not fully charged or charging. For some models, this can mean less reliable location tracking when the phone runs on battery.
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Apple and Android devices use nearby Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth signals to assist in locating your device, especially when a GPS signal is low. Set Wi-Fi "ON" and Ask to Join Networks "ON."
  3. Use a phone mount. Location tracking works better when your phone can see clear skies through a window. Keeping your phone in the center console or in your pocket while driving can contribute to poor location tracking. We recommend mounting it on the windshield or dashboard.
  4. Close unused apps. Turn off any apps other than those you use to navigate with carGO, particularly those that use location in the background.
  5. Keep updated. Update to the latest phone software available. Apple and Android devices release frequent upgrades that may improve your phone’s location accuracy.
  6. Buy a new phone. To obtain the best GPS accuracy, we highly recommend upgrading to the newest phone model. Many older phones have outdated GPS antennae, which can lead to less accurate location data.
  7. Don’t talk and drive. Avoid making phone calls on your carGO-enabled device during a ride. Some networks do not allow data usage and phone usage at the same time.
  8. Start and stop safely. Only start or stop your rides in the carGO app once your car is at a complete stop. Not only is it good safety sense, but it helps us track your location accurately.
  9. Hold up a minute. GPS accuracy varies depending on the number of visible GPS satellites. Locating all visible satellites can take several minutes, with accuracy gradually increasing over time. Give your phone time to warm up before you get on the road.
  10. Adjust your time settings. Make sure the date, time, and timezone are set correctly on your device.
  11. Don’t forget to restart. We’ve all had to reboot our computers for efficiency. It’s good practice to restart your phone before getting on the road and always after changing your device’s settings.

Deleting an Account

We hate to see any carGO drivers discontinue their service, but to delete your account, simply contact us at Customer Support at