Getting Paid and Driver Incentives

Understanding Fares and Driver Earnings

The fare charged to the rider that you see at the end of a ride is calculated by adding:

  • connection fee: the price to connect the rider to you
  • base fare: the price for you to pick up the rider
  • time: from start to end of trip
  • distance: miles of route
  • insurance: required by the State of Missouri

Your payment for the trip is calculated as: (connection fee + base fare + time rate + distance rate + insurance) - carGO commission.

Time and distance rates will differ depending on the vehicle option that you drive (Standard, SUV/Minivan, Select).

100% of tips from riders go to drivers. We built tipping into the carGO app to make it easy for riders to say thanks, and because we know it’s important to our drivers.

For your safety, if a rider graciously offers a cash tip, kindly decline and let them know they can add a tip through the app, and that 100% of the tips go to drivers.

The trip fare shown in your app Ride History is charged to the rider.

We deduct the connection fee (flat fee) and carGO commission (% fee) from the trip fare. The funds help cover operating costs like app hostage and transaction process, driver screening and training, marketing, and payment processing for drivers, and ongoing technology costs to support the technology platform and continue to develop and add features.

The total payout shown in your payment statement will not include the connection fee or carGO commission, which is deducted from your trip fare.

To provide a complicated technology platform and keep the community growing, carGO charges a 25% commission from total ride fare.

carGO takes no commission from tips, which passengers can add easily through the app. carGO also does not take a commission from Cancellation Fees.

Ride fare is determined in part by the route's total time and distance. When a stop is made during a ride, this waiting time is included in the fare. Any distance traveled to additional stops prior to the rider’s final destination will also be included.

When riders ask you to make a stop on the way to their final destination, let the trip continue. Tap Ride Complete only after riders begin to exit your vehicle at their final destination.

Cancellation fees are noted in your payment statement. Remember to follow these guidelines:

  • If the rider cancels and you're already on your way, you'll receive a cancellation fee.
  • If the rider doesn’t show up to accept a ride, drivers who complete the following steps will be paid a cancellation fee:
    1. Driver has tapped Arrive at the pickup location;
    2. Driver has waited at least 5 minutes;
    3. Driver has attempted to text message or call the rider;
    4. and Driver cancels the rider, and selects “Rider isn’t here”.

carGO calculates payments on a weekly cycle, which begins at 5:00am on Monday and goes to 4:59am the following Monday. This means that any trip taken on Monday after 5:00am will appear in the following week’s payment statement.

  • Monday: Old payment cycle ends and new one begins.
  • Tuesday: Driver statements are emailed to you using the email in your carGO profile. Note: make sure carGO emails are not going into your spam folder.
  • Wednesday: PayPal payments are processed.
  • Thursday: PayPal payments are deposited directly into your account.

Weekly Driver Earnings reports provide a schedule of fares collected from each completed ride less carGO fees and commissions.

Payments not directly related to a ride fare are listed in a category titled Other Payments. This includes incentive and referral payments, and cancellation fees, when applicable. Please note that no carGO fees are deducted from these payments.

Drivers using the carGO platform are classified as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, your taxes are not withheld by the federal or state government.

This means that it is your responsibility to file taxes at the end of each year.

If you earn $600 or more from carGO during a calendar year, we use the tax information associated with your partner account to send you a 1099 form by January 31st.

For tax-related questions, we recommend seeking the advice of a tax professional.

carGO drivers are paid weekly via PayPal. To complete the simple PayPal setup process, go to

If you have questions about your payment or would like to request a review of of one or more items, please message Customer Support with details required, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Driver Rewards and Incentives

Favorited Drivers

carGO is committed to creating new opportunities for drivers. The carGO app provides a new type of ride that rewards drivers who deliver high-quality experiences, by allowing riders to favorite drivers and adding 10% to each fare delivered to a rider by one of their favorites. For more information on how to get favorited, check out How to Get Favorited.

Driver Rewards

Milestones, our driver rewards program, allows you to unlock special perks that will help make your driving more profitable as a thanks for your contribution to the carGO community. The more rides you give, the more your earn, the higher your acceptance rate, and the more hours you are logged in and “On Duty,” the more rewards you gain.

One of the largest expenses for drivers is obviously fuel. Receive fuel discounts up to 10 cents per gallon when you achieve weekly or monthly completed ride goals.

Keep your carGO ride looking its best when you earn coupons for free car washes achieving weekly or monthly acceptance ratio goals.

It will be nice to get a discount when it’s time to change oil. Receive coupons when you achieve weekly or monthly goals for total fares earned.

We encourage drivers to look professional, so we are happy to provide free and discounted garments when you achieve weekly and monthly goals for hours logged in and “On Duty.”

Track Rewards Progress

To track your progress just tap “Milestones” from the app menu and you’ll see your progress on the next milestone in each category. And be sure to read emails from carGO with updates on rewards and incentives.

Redeeming Rewards

We make it easy to redeem rewards by emailing you coupons you can simply show on your smartphone at participating vendors.

Guaranteed Average Hourly Incentives

There may be times we’ll guarantee your average hourly gross earnings. If you don’t hit the guarantee on your own, we’ll cover the missing amount. Refer to emails about average hourly guarantee for information about guaranteed hours and ride requirements.

Two easy steps and one basic requirement.

  1. Opt in for each pay week. You'll need to opt in each time you receive a new email with more guarantee hours. If you opted in any time previously, for example, you won't be automatically opted in again — you’ll need to opt in again through the link in your new email. You have until 11:59 p.m. local time each Sunday night to opt in for the upcoming week. Guarantee hours can change from week to week.
  2. During a week when you opt in, you must maintain a weekly 90% acceptance rate.
  3. Fill each hour. You’ll need to spend 50 minutes logged in and in “On Duty” mode, and fulfill the requirement for completed rides, for each hour. If there is a guarantee zone (geographic boundary where guarantee is eligible), you’ll need to be inside it when accepting the request for that ride to count as a guarantee zone ride. Each ride counts toward the hour it was requested in, and we count your time in “On Duty” mode from the top of each hour.
  1. Guaranteed amounts can vary hour by hour and from week to week. For instance, some hours may be guaranteed at $15/hour and others at $20/hour. Let's take hours with a $20 guarantee as an example.
  2. We'll review your eligible net ride receipts from hours with that amount — That’s your post-commission base fare, time and distance, and tips across all hours at this guaranteed amount. carGO fees aren’t included.
  3. Then, we’ll calculate your average hourly net ride receipts — That’s the total in Step 2, divided by the number of eligible hours that you qualified for at that guaranteed amount ($20, in this example).
  4. You’ll get paid — If your average exceeds the guaranteed average, that's great! If not, we’ll bonus you the rest. You’ll see the guarantee bonus in your Tuesday weekly summary and that week’s Paypal deposit.
  5. We review the hours for other guaranteed amounts — Then we repeat this process for any hours with different guaranteed amounts.
  1. Let’s say there are guarantee hours the week of Monday, Dec. 16, but Joe opts in later that week, on Sunday, Dec. 22. Good news for Joe: He’s still eligible for the guarantee for the rest of the days that week.
  2. Joe drives from 7:05-7:55 a.m., or 50 minutes logged in and in On Duty mode for the 7-8 a.m. hour. If he had driven from 7:30-8:30 a.m., that would only count for 30 minutes of the 7-8 a.m. hour, and separately, 30 minutes of the 8-9 a.m. hour. His rider requests a ride at 7:45 a.m., and Joe is inside the guarantee zone when he accepts, so that ride counts towards the 7-8 a.m. hour, even if the ride would have ended at 8:05 a.m. instead of 7:55 a.m.
  3. Joe is gonna get paid! Joe qualified for 10 guarantee hours in a week. During those 10 hours, he made a total of $200 in eligible net ride receipts, which averages out to $20/hour. Let’s say we guaranteed Joe an average of $25/hour. We’ll bonus him an extra $5/hour — a total of $50.
  1. New drivers may earn a weekly guarantee. If they don’t hit the guarantee amount on their own, we’ll cover the amount that's missing. Here’s what’s required:
  2. Be approved to drive with carGO during a weekly guarantee promotion by following the application link in a carGO ad for weekly guarantees.
  3. Get approved as a carGO driver within 30 days of when you started the driver application.
  4. Complete enough rides, hours, and achieve a high enough acceptance rate for the week.
  5. After becoming eligible, a driver can earn a weekly guarantee for each of the first few weeks after becoming an approved carGO driver. The first week begins at 5 a.m. on the first Monday after approval. The driver can qualify for any or all of the designated weeks. For each week, the driver needs to meet the following benchmarks:
    1. completed required number of rides during the week;
    2. be in “On Duty” mode the required number of hours during the week;
    3. and achieve a 90% weekly acceptance rate. This is listed on the Tuesday weekly payment reports.
  6. The required number of completed rides, hours in driver mode, and weeks of the guarantee is outlined in the emails for each promotion that eligible drivers receive.
  1. At the end of each pay period (which runs from 5 a.m. Monday through 4:59 a.m. the following Monday), all eligible ride payments and tips are totaled.
  2. Eligible ride payments include:
    1. Post-commission base far, time and distance,and tips.
    2. If the total eligible net ride payments and tips for that pay period exceed the guaranteed weekly amount, great! If not, we’ll bonus the driver the difference.

If a driver qualifies for some or all of the weekly guarantees, they’ll receive the difference between their ride payments and tips, and the guaranteed amount, in the next week’s direct deposit. The difference will be listed as a line item in the Tuesday Weekly Summary.

Please note that the following terms apply, and are subject to change:

  1. weekly guarantees are based on post-commission ride payments and tips;
  2. carGO driver eligibility and approval is determined at the sole discretion of carGO and is not guaranteed;
  3. participation in this promotion is subject to carGO’s terms of service;
  4. this promotion runs for a limited time only and may be suspended or ended at any time in carGo’s discretion. The amount of the guarantee varies and may be changed in carGo’s discretion;
  5. and no more than two rides in a week given to the same rider will count toward the ride requirement.