Giving Rides

Giving a carGO ride is easy! All carGO drivers complete our exclusive Driver Days orientation and training program, which includes discussion and practice of these basic processes.

Drivers must be logged into the driver app and "online" to receive ride requests from riders. Select the menu button on the home screen and tap "On Duty" and it will turn yellow to indicate you are able to receive requests.

When you receive a request, you'll see a notification identifying the rider’s location and destination. Tap the “Accept” button to accept the request before the 30-second timer expires.

After accepting the request, navigate to the riders's pickup location by following the map route to the address provided by the carGO app. Your rider may call or text you (or you can call or text them) to confirm your arrival or provide details to help easily find them. Don’t worry, they won’t see your cell number, nor will you see theirs. Tap “Arrive,” when you arrive at the rider's pickup location.

Tap “Arrived” to confirm your arrival. When the rider enters your car, tap “Start Ride” to begin calculating the fare.

For safety reasons, sort out exactly where you're going before you start driving. Riders must enter their destination in the app before requesting the ride, so you will be provided an efficient route to their destination. Some riders have a preferred route, and will ask you to follow their directions — it’s totally fine if you let them choose the route.

When you arrive at the rider's destination, tap “Arrived” to end the ride. This ends the ride and lets you rate your rider. It also triggers payment for the rider. Remember — riders pay through the app for rides and tips. Do not accept any cash.

After the ride is complete, rate your rider from 1 to 5 stars. Riders with consistent low ratings, 4 or lower, may be deactivated. If you leave a comment, carGO managers can see it, not the rider.

It's best if you don't cancel rides, since riders are depending on you. However, if a rider doesn't show up after 5 minutes following your arrival and after you have tried to reach them via text or a call, you can cancel the ride and mark them as a no-show and they will be charged a cancellation fee, which you will be paid.