How to Get Favorited

carGO is committed to creating new opportunities for drivers. The carGO app provides a new type of ride that rewards drivers who deliver high-quality experiences, with higher fares.

Satisfied riders can favorite drivers when accepting payment as a ride is completed, or favorite past drivers from their "Manage Favorites" menu.

Favorited drivers’ cars, when not delivering a ride, appear yellow on the home screen and can be manually selected by riders by just tapping on their vehicle. Or riders can choose favorited drivers by tapping the "Find Favorite Drivers" button to request a ride from the home screen.

Connections between riders and their favorited drivers provide a greater sense of security and higher value for riders, and additional income opportunities for drivers. Fares are increased by 10% for rides delivered from favorited drivers.

If riders become less satisfied, they can easily de-favorite drivers from the "Manage Favorites" menu.