carGO riders that invite their friends to sign up and take their first ride will receive credits that are used to pay for future rides. Each carGO rider is provided a unique referral code.

It’s easy to access and share your referral code. Tap the menu button on the upper left of the home screen, and then tap “Referrals.” Your code is displayed as well as your balance of credits. Tap the “Share” button to send your referral code to your social media followers or friends.

The next ride you take after receiving a referral credit, your ride will be discounted or free depending on your fare and balance of referral credits.

carGO occasionally offers discounts for riders using promotional codes.

To use a promotional code, you must enter it before requesting the ride. From the home screen before you request a ride, enter the promotional code by tapping on the “Promo Code” button just above and right of the request ride button. Enter the code and tap “Apply.” Then continue with the normal procedure for requesting the nearest driver or one of your favorites.

The value of any promotional code is applied to one ride. Leftover value, if any, cannot be applied to a future ride.

Some promotional codes have expiration dates or other restrictions. Be sure to read the restrictions when you receive the code so you can enjoy the savings!