Requesting Rides

If you are interested what a ride will cost, the carGO rider app provides fare estimates. Unlike other ridesharing apps, carGO does not charge increased fare at busy times of days or locations.

To get an estimate enter your pick up location and destination on the home screen:

  1. Tap “Pick up Location” and search or enter the address;
  2. Tap “Destination” and search or enter the address.

At the bottom of the screen, tap any vehicle option and slide the arrow up to tap “Fare Estimate” to get your estimate. Please note, if drivers are currently available for your desired type of vehicle, a time estimate is noted from your current location.

carGO fares provide income to support drivers and revenue to maintain the technology platform and carGO team, that supports local drivers and riders. Below are the components included in your fare:

  1. connection fee: the price to connect the driver to you;
  2. base fare: the price for the driver to pick you up;
  3. time: from start to end of ride;
  4. distance: miles of route;
  5. insurance: required by the State of Missouri.

The carGO app allows riders to use multiple forms of payment, in case you take rides for business or other purposes.

To add a payment form, tap the menu button in the upper left on the home screen. Tap “Payment Info” and add new card. Enter the card information and tap “Add.”

Before requesting a ride you can select a payment form to charge for that ride. Tap the menu button in the upper left on the home screen. Tap “Payment Info” and tap the button to select your desired payment form.

Using Promotional Codes

carGO occasionally offers discounts for riders by offering promotional codes.

  1. To use a promotional code, you must enter it before requesting the ride. From the home screen before you request a ride, enter the promotional code by tapping on the button just above and right of the request ride button. Enter the code and tap “Apply.” Then continue with the normal procedure for requesting the nearest driver or one of your favorites.
  2. The value of any promotional code is applied to one ride. Leftover value, if any, cannot be applied to a future ride.
  3. Some promotional codes have expiration dates or other restrictions. Be sure to read the restrictions when you receive the code so you can enjoy the savings!
Using Referral Codes

Every carGO rider is assigned a unique referral code. When you share your referral code with a friend, she or he must sign up for a new account and take a first ride before you receive a referral credit.

The next ride you take after receiving a referral credit, your ride will be discounted or free depending on your fare and balance of referral credits.

It’s easy to access and share your referral code. Tap the menu button on the upper left of the home screen, and tap “Referrals”. Your code is displayed as well as your balance of credits. Tap the “Share” button to send your referral code to your social media followers or colleagues.

carGO is committed to improving on common ridesharing techniques to provide even more safety, comfort, and convenience to riders.

Requesting Matched Rides with Nearest Driver

For carGO riders who are comfortable with traditional ridesharing, we offer on-demand rides that connect you to the nearest available driver. It’s simple.

  1. Open the carGO app and tap the ride type that fits your needs.
  2. Confirm your pickup location and enter or search to enter a destination location. Destination is required prior to requesting a ride.
  3. Get a fare estimate or enter a promotional code by swiping the bottom of the screen upward. To receive a promotional discount, the code must be entered before requesting the ride.
  4. Tap “Request Ride.”
  5. When a driver has accepted, the rider is notified and the two are connected through the app. Information about the driver including a personal photo, license plate number, vehicle make and model, and a photo of the vehicle are provided to the rider. The driver also receives identifying information about the rider.
  6. If your pickup location is busy or you may be hard to see, it is helpful to text message or call the driver so you can agree to a game plan. The driver does not receive your phone number if you text or call, it is masked by a third-party system that connects you.
Favoriting and Manually Selecting a Driver

Some carGO riders are more comfortable requesting rides with drivers they know or have previously ridden with. The carGO app uniquely provides this service by allowing riders to “favorite” drivers. Here’s how it works.

  1. There are two ways to favorite drivers. You have to mark a driver as a favorite before you can request a ride directly from them.
  2. After you exit a carGO ride that’s ended by a driver, riders are prompted with a payment screen. At the bottom of the screen you can immediately tap “Favorite” to mark the driver so you can manually select them for future rides.
  3. The second way to favorite drivers is by using the “Manage Favorites” function from the home page menu. Tap the menu button at at the top right of the home page and tap, “Manage Favorites”. A list of drivers is presented with your favorited drivers at the top of the list. If you wish to favorite another driver that is on duty, simply scroll the list and tap the “Thumbs Up” icon.
  4. To select and request a ride from a favorite, open the app and select one of the yellow cars on the map. The yellow car icons are your favorites that are on duty and not currently giving a ride to another rider. Only the yellow car icons on the map are interactive - the only ones you can manually tap and select.
  5. Be sure to confirm the pick up and destination locations and tap “Request Ride” when the pop up of your favorite driver is presented.
  6. From this point, the app works just like it does when using the matched rides approach. As a reward to our best drivers, carGO adds 10% to the fares for favorited rides.

After a carGO driver accepts your request, you are connected through the app and can easily and confidentially communicate with your driver to arrange an efficient and safe pick up.

When the driver is en route to your pick up location, just tap the “Text Driver” or “Call Driver” buttons. A message or call will be made using a third-party service that does not provide your phone number to the driver.